v1.4.6 Circuit % Diagram

v1.5.5 Parts List

ANT – Antenna: Thin Insulated Wire, Length Not Critical but The Longer the More Ions that Can Be Collected;

G1 – Common Earthed Ground Rod;

HIGH VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER – HVM: 12 volt d.c. step-up from 1-20 KV, 20 to 50 KHz, low current, variable high frequency, high voltage source;

PRPV1 – Perreault Radioionic Plasma Valve: see circuit key on page 8 and circuit theory on page 10;

C1, C2 – Variable Capacitor: Stormwise; 40 – 400pF 2500V AIR VARIABLE CAPACITOR, Double Gang;

C3 – Super Capacitor, or Lithium Ion Battery x4 hooked up in series: 3.7 volt/3000 mAh per cell;

B1 – Automobile lamp, 12V;

D1 – Diode: 1N5822 3A 40V Schottky diode;

B1 – Automobile lamp, 12VDC;

L1 – Stormwise Very Low Frequency 10 KHz to 30 KHz Coil for lightning frequencies;

L2, L3 – Secondary Winding: 4 Turns hand wound 24 AWG Enameled copper magnet wire onto L1 primary winding;

GR – Graphite rod;

REG – Voltage regulator – DC to DC 8-12V/20A 1,200W

IN1, IN2 – Ceramic, or Glass: Insulator;

SW1 – Switch on/off.